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Tontos Scout

Tonto's Scout

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Every man needs a friend, even The Lone Ranger. There was no truer friend than Tonto, the Lone Ranger's faithful companion, who rode into The Lone Ranger series aboard his colorful Paint horse, Scout. Tonto, a dignified Potawatomie Indian, was a main character of the series from the beginning. It was Tonto who came upon the devastating scene after the notorious Cavendish gang ambushed and killed a group of Texas Rangers who were pursuing them. Tonto realized immediately that one Ranger had survived and recognized the young Texas Ranger as his friend “Kemo Sabe,” the boy who had once saved his own life many years before. As Tonto broke the news to the young Ranger that his brother and fellow Rangers had perished and that he too was presumed dead, he said, “You the lone Ranger now.” Tonto bore witness to the young man’s vow to avenge his dead brother. Together again, the Indian and the Ranger created the masked man who would bring law and order to the American frontier: The Lone Ranger. Scout was the perfect horse for Tonto, a beautiful, kind-eyed Paint horse with an unflappable disposition. Tonto and Scout rode side-by-side with The Lone Ranger and Silver, on a shared quest for justice and a desire to bring law and order to the West.

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